This is the only training available in the country which provides methods for grounding and protecting tower and equipment building from lightning induced Ground Potential Rise (GPR)} This is also the only training in the country that covers IEEE Standard 1612-2011, the only national lightning equipment standard.


This two (2) day training seminar will be suit-cased to your location for $1,000 per attendee with a minimum of ten (10) attendees plus instructor travel expenses, and $150 per course manual.  Request a firm quote at


 Training Seminar outline:

  Day One (1):


I. Ground Impedance testing and calculations


II. Grounding requirements using radial capacitive grounding systems for lightning and Single Point Grounding (SPG): Electrode Design for Grounding Systems


III. Placing Ground Rods, Radial Spiders and Bonding to Metallic Objects, fences, etc.


IV. Grounding Conductor Requirements in Equipment Building , MGB, SPG, HALO, RF, and IERG Grounds


V. AC Power Grounding Electrode


VI. Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS)


VII. COAX Cable and Bulkhead Panel for Tower Coax, Ice Bridge , etc.


VIII. Communication Facility Isolation from a Lightning Induced Ground Potential Rise (GPR)


IX. Equipment Building Lightning Protection System


X. Personnel Safety

Day Two (2):


Field trip to Tower Site to test soil resistivity and grounding system, conduct a grounding and electrical protection survey.  Develop a list of grounding and electrical protection discrepancies that may require correction to prevent damage from lightning strike energy.  Develop a strategy for a tower site lightning audit.

Contributing Documents:


ASCE Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities: "Guide for Protection of Equipment and Personnel from Lightning", August 1, 2002 by E. M. Duckworth Jr., P.E.


IEEE Standard 487-2007


IEEE Standard 1692-2011


Motorola R56B “Standards and Guidelines for Communication Sites” 


NFPA 780 “Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems 2000 Edition” 

Earth Conduction Effects in Transmission Systems by Erling D. Sunde 


National Electrical Code

Lightning & Grounding Electrical Protection Seminar for Towers and Equipment Buildings

LPGI Lightning and Grounding Course

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