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Lightning Protection Expertise

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We Provide:

The world’s best and most critical expertise for the proper implementation of IEEE Standard 1692; which is a treatise for multi-purpose communications and high-voltage installations. We have found from forty one (41) years of experience, and special expertise, that it’s far too easy to "get it wrong" in cookie-cutter applications of the tried-and-true requirements of Standard 1692, leaving expensive equipment vulnerable to costly damage and weeks off line for extensive repair.


The most important aspect in the application of Standard 1692 is that the final protection package design has to be perfectly correct in every aspect to provide failure-proof protection. One small error in proper application can make a protection design package totally useless.


We provide no products, only consulting, design, and recommendations for the best lightning protection and grounding installations for substations, electronic circuit boards, equipment components, power plants, high-voltage corridors, and broadband services for school systems.

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