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Reference Material


 by V.A. RAKOV and M.A. UMAN

Cambridge University Press, ISBN 0521583276 , 687 p., 2003


Ernest Duckworth's
Lightning Protection Guide
for protecting equipment and personnel

Lightning Physics and Lightning Protection
by E. M. Bazelyan, et al (Hardcover)

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The Aerospace Engineer's Handbook of Lightning Protection
by Bruce Gabrielson
(Hardcover - June 1992)
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Lightning and Lightning Protection

by William C. Hart, et al (Hardcover - June 1979)
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Installation Requirements for Lightning Protection Systems
(Paperback - May 1994)
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Lightning Protection for Power Systems
by M. Darveniza (Hardcover)
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Standard for Lightning Protection
Components: Ul 96

(Paperback - May 1994)
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