Affiliates Lightning Protection and Grounding Consulting Services and Specialized Expertise

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*  Unparalleled Lightning Protection Evaluation and Design Expertise


* Forensic analysis 


* Feasibility studies 


* Electrical, Mechanical, Structural, Civil and Systems Engineering


* Research and Development


* Communications and Grounding


* Expert witness communications consulting


* Engineering training on special grounding design for lightning-induced GPR


* Field testing of soils and grounding systems


* Engineering protection of structures & towers from lightning


* Engineering protection of equipment from AC Power and telecommunication



* Field engineering grounding reviews for towers, substations, buildings, private



* Grounding system design


* Microwave and cellular tower ground design to less than one ohm, insuring against major damage and down time from lightning strike GPR.


* Development of Electrical Protection Standards documentation for tower sites


* Insurance lightning claims support due to equipment damage and harm to



* Acoustical and Electrical shock investigations for telecommunications services


* Certified GPR and ZOI reports


* Emergency next-day onsite technical support

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